IMPORTANT: School Reentry Update and Parent Survey

Dear South Redford Community,

Thank you for participating in the recent surveys you have received from the South Redford School District. We understand the time commitment it takes to complete the surveys, but the information is essential to our planning.

In addition to the information we gather from you through these surveys, the District has created multiple Work Groups collaborating to manage the details of our Return to School Preparedness Plan.  Our Work Groups are composed of administrators, teachers, and clerical staff.  They also include members from transportation, food services, and custodial/maintenance.  The total number of staff members in our Work Groups exceeds ninety (90).  

Please be assured that all of your concerns are being taken seriously and will be addressed.  Keeping in mind that there is no perfect solution to these difficult issues, our number one priority is to keep students and staff safe, while providing a solid education for students. 


The South Redford Work Groups will continue to develop the Return to School Preparedness Plan between now and the end of July, and the District will continue to inform you of updates.  During the first week of August, details of the available models of learning (onsite, remote, or SOAR) will be shared with parents and the community.  We will hold informational Town Hall sessions to provide information and allow for questions.  During the second week of August we will ask parents to choose one of the models of learning for their child(ren).



CONCERN - Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

  • The District is working in conjunction with the Wayne County Regional Education Services Agency to purchase all PPE for staff and students districtwide.

  • PPE for all staff and students will be required and enforced in accordance with the Governor’s plan.

  • Restrictions will be in place for visitors to schools.

CONCERN - Cleaning and disinfecting of classrooms and schools:

  • A robust and thorough plan for regular and daily cleaning and disinfecting will be in place.

  • The District will be employing technicians certified in disinfecting and sanitation. 

  • Disinfection foggers have been purchased and will allow us to disinfect entire buildings nightly.

  • Hand sanitation stations have been purchased and will be distributed throughout each building.

  • The District will be increasing custodial staff to ensure regular, as well as enhanced, cleaning.

CONCERN - Incomplete information regarding Learning Model Choices:

  • We are committed to transparency, clear timelines, and weekly communication.

  • As details become finalized, Webinars, emails, Class DOJO and phone communications will be utilized to share information about each learning model.

  • The district is committed to delivering quality instruction regardless of choice.

  • Canvas, a Learning Management System (LMS), has been purchased.  This product is a “one-stop-shop” as it will house all curriculum technology tools, calendar, grading information, etc. and will ensure seamless quality instruction whether done on-line or in school.

  • South Redford staff has been working hard all summer to ensure quality education regardless of the learning model choice.

Other concerns were expressed in the survey (such as class size, social distancing specifics, student movement throughout the building, etc.) which we are unable to adequately address at this time. This is due to lack of information from the State, the uncertainty of parent placement choice, as well as ongoing discussions by our South Redford Work Groups. All decisions made in these areas will be promptly shared with you. 

I am proud of our South Redford families and employees and their commitment to ensuring a safe learning environment for our students and staff members. This is not easy work and involves sifting through many details, constantly changing parameters, and many unknowns. I am confident that with input from parents, combined with the expertise, thoughtfulness, and perseverance of our staff we will be able to meet the needs of our South Redford families during these difficult and challenging times.

Keeping in mind the new information this letter provides, we ask that you again complete the attached survey to help guide our planning.

We thank you for taking the time to complete the survey and share your thoughts.  Your input is invaluable to our success in educating your child.

Go Eagles!

Brian Galdes 

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